Some Quick Tips for Choosing Custom Badges for Private Emergency Personnel


Private security or emergency personnel of any sort would do well to have custom badges made for them, which they can use in addition to their photo identification. This quickly and easily identifies them as someone in authority and as someone who should be allowed access to certain areas of a property or to persons in need of emergency attention. It's good to take a few minutes to consider how you'll create those custom badges so you know they will work well and readily identify your staff. Note a few quick tips for doing this.

1. Use the right symbols

In an emergency situation, people may not always take the time to read the information on a badge but may only glance at the symbols. It's good to use symbols that readily identify each type of professional, for example, crosses are often associated with medical personnel. For any type of boating or harbor patrol, you might have a flag symbol that resembles the flags used as codes at sea. Security personnel may need scales such as for the scales of justice. These symbols will readily identify each person quickly and easily and can be useful in emergency situations, for example, people may glance at the cross on the badge of medical personnel and know to move out of their way so they can tend to someone in need.

2. Note accessories and carrying cases

Many badges are carried in a leather case, like a wallet, for easy access. Note the size of the badge and how well it will fit into the carrying case and, in turn, in a person's pocket. You may like oversized badges because they're easily seen but if you need to invest in specialized cases and the badges don't fit easily in a standard shirt pocket or pants pocket, the badge may be too large. Opt for badges that are easy to conceal and carry where needed.

3. Use simple, bold lettering

Badges typically include lettering for the department or type of personnel identified by the badge, so be sure you choose simple, bold lettering for the badge. This makes it easy to see, even by someone standing a few feet or a few meters away from someone. They won't need to ask if they are a bail bondsperson, a firefighter, or mall security when they can readily read the information on the badge. Fancy, scrolling letters may look good in a catalog but they can be difficult to read on a real badge, so stick to simple, bold lettering instead.


23 March 2016

Value Added: How Good Marketing Techniques Improve Your Business

Hi, everybody. As the loans manager for a small bank, I'm often approached by startups looking for extra finance. Some of these entrepreneurs have fantastic services or products and sound business plans. Unfortunately, many of them have poor marketing techniques. Often business owners think that having a good website and advertising locally will gradually expand their client base. With strong competition, this isn't enough. I tell my clients to get marketing advice and then reapply. Sometimes, businesses do so well that they don't need to come back for a loan! Over time, I've been able to see which marketing techniques are working for the businesses that become successful. I'm really quite fascinated by the process. In this blog, I plan to post some of the marketing knowledge I've gained over the years to assist others who need to promote goods and services. I hope it is helpful. Thank you.