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Some Quick Tips for Choosing Custom Badges for Private Emergency Personnel

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Private security or emergency personnel of any sort would do well to have custom badges made for them, which they can use in addition to their photo identification. This quickly and easily identifies them as someone in authority and as someone who should be allowed access to certain areas of a property or to persons in need of emergency attention. It’s good to take a few minutes to consider how you’ll create those custom badges so you know they will work well and readily identify your staff. Note a few quick tips for doing this.

1. Use the right symbols

In an emergency situation, people may not always take the time to read the information on a badge but may only glance at the symbols. It’s good to use symbols that readily identify each type of professional, for example, crosses are often associated with medical personnel. For any type of boating or harbor patrol, you might have a flag symbol that resembles the flags used as codes at sea. Security personnel may need scales such as for the scales of justice. These symbols will readily identify each person quickly and easily and can be useful in emergency situations, for example, people may glance at the cross on the badge of medical personnel and know to move out of their way so they can tend to someone in need.

2. Note accessories and carrying cases

Many badges are carried in a leather case, like a wallet, for easy access. Note the size of the badge and how well it will fit into the carrying case and, in turn, in a person’s pocket. You may like oversized badges because they’re easily seen but if you need to invest in specialized cases and the badges don’t fit easily in a standard shirt pocket or pants pocket, the badge may be too large. Opt for badges that are easy to conceal and carry where needed.

3. Use simple, bold lettering

Badges typically include lettering for the department or type of personnel identified by the badge, so be sure you choose simple, bold lettering for the badge. This makes it easy to see, even by someone standing a few feet or a few meters away from someone. They won’t need to ask if they are a bail bondsperson, a firefighter, or mall security when they can readily read the information on the badge. Fancy, scrolling letters may look good in a catalog but they can be difficult to read on a real badge, so stick to simple, bold lettering instead.

Considerations When Choosing A Great Live Answering Service

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As a small business owner, if you need to spend a lot of time out of the office, a live answering service could be a real godsend.  But how do you go about choosing a suitable service?  Read on for some helpful tips.


If your business sits in a clearly-defined professional niche, such as legal or medical, you might want to consider using an answering service that specialises in this area.  This means that the call handler will be equipped with the knowledge to provide better assistance to a client with a query, than someone who is only able to take basic messages, thereby giving a much better impression of your business.

Many live answering services also provide a diary management service, however, if you simply require messages taking and passing on to you, or callers put on hold and then transferred through to you, a basic live answering service will probably be all you need.

Another consideration is the amount of coverage that you require.  Not all live answering services provide 24/7 cover, so if that’s what you require, check that it can be supplied, and bear in mind that you will probably have to pay more than you would for office hours cover only.

Call quality

Before you sign up for a live answering service, make sure that the call quality is crystal clear.  Clients will become very frustrated if they can’t understand the call handler because the line quality is poor.

When you speak to the call handlers, can you ‘hear a smile’ in their voices or do they sound fed up and bored with the whole job?  If the person on the end of the phone sounds professional, pleasant and happy, your clients will have a much better experience.


Although a live answering service will mean that you don’t miss important client calls, which may save you money in the long run, there are a number of pricing aspects you should query including:

  • will you be billed per minute?
  • will you be charged a flat rate?
  • what overage charges might you incur?
  • does the company charge extra during holiday periods?

Make sure that you have the charges you’re likely to incur clearly laid down and agreed to before you sign a contract.

In conclusion

A live answering service, like The Message Centre, can offer huge benefits to you if you spend a lot of time out of your office.  Ask friends and business associates in your field who use a live answering service for their recommendations.